New York Shadowrun 5E



Eight police officers are now in critical condition after a rampage by a unstable cyborg. An American human known as Gen Oliver Stewart, an unemployed cyborg from the UCAS. He was killed in the resulting firefight.

The rampage started after a 10 hour manhunt which occurred after he had allegedly murdered a man in a Berlin beerhouse on Tuesday. It is so far unclear as to what motive was behind the unprovoked killing. Witnesses reporting seeing the heavily augmented Stewart, who has cyberarms, punch a man leaving the bar, effectively killing him instantly. There was no clear motive for the attack. He then drove off in a nearby car shortly afterwards.

In the resulting manhunt, authorities got a tip off after Stewart filled his car up with petrol without paying after threatening the attendant. Said attendant Markus Bauer, said Stewart seemed highly unstable, and asking for directions to the French border, allegedly saying that he absolutely has to 'punch a Frenchman'. Despite these directions Stewart apparently got lost and was eventually spotted crossing the border into Switzerland where Swiss police eventually caught up and attempted to make an arrest.

"We set up a blockade and attempted to order the suspect to surrender." says Swiss police chief Marc Colantonio. "However he appeared aggressive almost immediately and we were forced to open fired after he charged our blockade. Multiple forbidden augmentations, including flametosser arms were used by the offender. HTR forces were called in and lethal force was authorised."

Witnesses report seeing Stewart as having an agitated appearance, as well as reportedly yelling that he had to punch a Frenchman. Only one of the eight injured police officers was of French descent. He did not have citizenship.

 Stewart has had a history of mental problems and was in the midst of fighting for custody of his child with when he inexplicably did not show up to court proceedings. It was not clear how or why he ended up in Germany as there was no indication that he took a flight through any commercial airline. The attack has re-ignited concerns about cyber-psychosis. He is survived by one son who is currently being looked after by his mother.



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