Andy Hawthorne

Micr0's former squadmate. A real bro.


Connection: 2
Loyalty: 3
Metatype: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Age: Young
Type: Support
Preferred Payment Method: Barter (hobby/vice items), or Service (free-labor jobs)
Hobbies/Vice: Weapons (military)
Personal Life: In relationship


During Micr0’s last straw most of the unit also took the fall and each of their careers were changed in their own way. Andy, however, kept in touch and was stationed nearby. Army buddies who hang out in between Mirc0’s runs Andy is generally willing to help when he can.

Micr0: Hey man. Need a favour.
Andy: Scarlette’s
Micr0: What?
Andy: I know what you want. Just pay for what you use and give me for the rest. My price is a lap dance at Scarlette’s. Thinking about it I want one of those real craft beers. Not that soy beer drek.
Micr0: … lol. Deal bro.

Andy Hawthorne

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