Jason Ricci

Micr0's weapons dealer. His wit actually fights back.


Connection 4
Loyalty 1
Metatype: Human
Sex: Male
Age: Middle-aged
Type: Swag
Preferred Payment Method: Barter (items needed for the profession) or Cash (credstick)
Hobbies/Vice: Personal grooming (clothes/fashion)
Personal Life: Familial relationships


When Micr0 was first starting out as a runner he happened across Jason, the vain yet connected weapons dealer. Always looking to make a quick buck and look good while doing it Jason knows to keep Micr0 on his radar as a potential cash cow. Riggers always need more gear, and he the stock.

Jason: Hey Dave. The fifth world called, your shit’s out of fashion.
Micr0 (looking at Jason’s red pants): You know that sanitary pads are cheap, right? Surely with the money you make you can afford a couple.

Jason Ricci

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