Marcus MacDonnell

Ocelotl's friend and contact


Marcus and Ocelotl met sometime after the latter migrated to New York. Ocelotl was finishing up his plastic surgery and met Marcus in rehab. The two hit off on maintaining the hospital garden as part of some cheap part time work. The two have kept in touch since.

Marcus is generally on the legitimate side of the law. He’s an awakened paramed shaman who works with Docwagon as part of its HTR service, so he’s no stranger to danger or violence as it were. He is not afraid of doing a little extralegal work on the side here and there, typically minor stuff only. Generally he seeks cash, maybe a little something for the spirits every now and then.

He’s fully versed in magical theory and generally knows a little bit of everything as to how it works and whatnot, although he’s not exactly an initiate into the societies. He’s a practitioner of the classic shamanic tradition, and generally treats spirits who come over to his house like flatmates who leave messes everywhere. He’s not a good artificer, but he’s good at assensing and conjuration, as well as healing spells and other spells of different types.

Although Marcus knows a few guys in Docwagon, he’s not a huge higher up in terms of of the organization and power. As such he is not the most connected person in the world.

He appears as a regular human of Caucasian descent, for a shaman, he doesn’t carry a lot of fetishes and charms on him, mostly just his casual clothes of T shirt, hoodie and jeans. He’s a fairly chill guy, and he’s learned to take it easy while he can before getting a call out. He does believe in saving lives and all that although he knows Docwagon is a for profit company he won’t shy away from rescuing someone if they are in danger.

Marcus MacDonnell

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