Linda 'Spanner' Smith

Junkyard Peddler. Eternally surprised at Micr0's purchasing history.


Connection 1
Loyalty 2
Metatype: Ork
Sex: Female
Age: Young
Type: Swag
Preferred Payment Method: Barter (easy-to-sell items) and Service (free-labor jobs)
Hobbies/Vice: Social habits (drinking, smoking)
Personal Life: Single


Akin to the common wageslave ‘Spanner’ is just another person trying to make a living in the sixth world. The business was her parents and kept it going after their death. It just doesn’t help when most of your goods are throwaway items most people do not want. To her Micr0 is a peculiar individual, coming in regularly springing in some snarky comments before leaving with a random collection of goods.

Spanner: May I ask. The hell do you plan to do with two microwaves and a coffee machine?
Micr0: Hello to you too shockpads. I was actually wondering if you have parts for a couple of hoovers floating around.
Spanner: WHAT.
Micr0: I’d be complaining less if I were you. I’m awesome business.

Linda 'Spanner' Smith

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