Completed missions

Career total

Nuyen total: 97,540

Nuyen PP: 13,934

Career Karma: 29

Previous mission PP Nuyen: 10,000

Previous mission Karma: 13

Dunkelzhan Phoenix Biotechnologies

This mission required the taking out of Esandra a PR rep for Phoenix Biotech. The result of this mission was the demolition of this building. The demolition was blamed on humanis.


2250 nuyen

9 Karma


A simple B&E

The runners stole a dagger made of Ivory with an inset of jewels from Carla Brooks one of the runners was shown publicly  as by standers gossiped about his antics. A lot of other items were stolen. 


2340 Nuyen

7 Karma


Rescue Nevel Scitor.

The team was sent to rescue Nevel Scitor, this mission was seen as messy by the  Mr Johnson but revenge doesn't come cheap. He will deal with whatever comes his way.


10,000 Nuyen

13 Karma


Items to be fenced

  • 3 x ruby necklaces
  • 2 x Amethyst rings
  • 2x emerald necklaces
  • 3 x gold chains
  • 6 x Ares Predator V
  • 2 x Ares light fire 75
  • 3 x Colt M23
  • 3 x Remington 950
  • 1 x PJSS Model 55
  • 1 x Ingram Valiant
  • 1 x Onotari Interceptor
  • 6 x Erika elites
  • 30 x misc spare parts. (claimed by Micr0)
  • 100 x small diamonds
  • 5 doses of zen, deep weed, regular weed and cocaine.
  • 4x armor jackets 
  • 3 x glasses (with image link, thermo and flare comp)

Completed missions

New York Shadowrun 5E Phyrandria