"I can get my eyes anywhere in a moment."


African elf. Dark skin, kind of tall. Has shoulder length black hair assembled into little braids and locks that are often tied up with a piece of cloth. Has cybereyes which can take on different colors. Average build. Has prosthetic prehensile feet.

Around town she wears a black jacket with a belt holding satchels with her gear. She typically wears a small half cloak over it in the old african way. On a mission, she wears a black stealthsuit with shorts, paints her face into a skull and wears a clear gas mask.


Erin was born in Nairobi to a middle class family. Her father and mother were dilligent workers in the aerospace industry and it was expected that Erin would join in their footsteps. While she picked up robotics quite well, she had a habit of procuring supplies in a manner that would get her into trouble. Although she would join the company as a mechanic and rigger, her prospects were cut short after she was caught with others stealing supplies in order to for one of her projects to get the upper hand over her rivals.

The company prosecuted, and sentenced her to jail. She got out in a few years, but since her name was now dirt she had to leave her life behind in Nairobi and journey into the shadows. She owes money to get out of Africa with her stuff. And she must pay.


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